Hand Slapper with Wooden Handle
Hand Slapper with Wooden Handle
Hand Slapper with Wooden Handle

Hand Slapper with Wooden Handle

Experience the art of impact with Hell's Couture Hand Slapper with Wooden Handle. Crafted for sensation play, it offers control and intensity in BDSM pleasure.

$39.99 AUD

Product Description

The Art of Controlled Impact with Hand Slapper

Unlock a realm of sensation and dominance with Hell's Couture Hand Slapper with Wooden Handle—a BDSM accessory designed for the connoisseur of pleasure and pain. Crafted to perfection, this slapper promises to leave a mark on your partner's senses and awaken desires like never before.

Key Features:

Thickness: 5mm

Tapered Handle for Control

Adorned with 4 Metal Studs

The 5mm thickness of this slapper is a testament to its ability to deliver the perfect impact. Whether you're indulging in light sensation play or seeking to leave a mark of your dominance, this slapper is your trusty companion.

The tapered handle allows you to maintain a firmer grip, ensuring precise control over the strength and direction of your slaps. With each impact, you'll feel the power of dominance surging through you, and your partner will submit to the exquisite pleasure and pain you provide.

Adorning the handle are four metal studs, not just for aesthetics, but to enhance your grip and add an extra element of sensory stimulation. They serve as a reminder of the intensity that awaits, making every moment of your BDSM play more electrifying.

Safety and Quality Assurance:

Hell's Couture is committed to your safety and satisfaction. This hand slapper is a high-quality impact play toy, designed for your pleasure and your partner's ultimate submission. Crafted with precision, it meets the highest standards of BDSM accessories.

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