Endo Steel Anal Plug
Endo Steel Anal Plug
Endo Steel Anal Plug
Endo Steel Anal Plug
Endo Steel Anal Plug

Endo Steel Anal Plug

Elevate your pleasure with the Endo Steel Anal Plug. Explore the anal cavity like never before with surgical steel and customizable sizes.

All Sizes
$60.00 AUD

Product Description

Enter a realm of unparalleled pleasure and intimate exploration with the Endo Steel Anal Plug from Hell's Couture. This surgical steel masterpiece transcends the boundaries of a typical butt plug, offering you the unique opportunity to remove its center piece and discover the inner beauty of your lover. Dive into the exquisite world of the anal cavity while ensuring your partner relishes every moment of this thrilling journey.

A Spectrum of Satisfaction: The Endo Steel Anal Plug is designed with versatility in mind, offering three distinct sizes to cater to your desires and comfort levels: Small, Medium, and Large. Each plug provides a different level of intensity, allowing you to tailor your experience to perfection.


Overall Length: 100mm

Insertable Length: 90mm

Width: 25-40mm

Internal Diameter: 18mm


Overall Length: 105mm

Insertable Length: 95mm

Width: 30-45mm

Internal Diameter: 21mm


Overall Length: 110mm

Insertable Length: 100mm

Width: 35-50mm

Internal Diameter: 25mm

Certified Quality Assurance: Rest easy knowing that the Endo Steel Anal Plug is certified 100% Non-Magnet and meticulously crafted from medical-grade steel. Beware of subpar imitations that utilize materials like chromed steel or substandard surgical steel containing magnet, the very element responsible for rust. Our unwavering endorsement of 100% surgical steel underscores our commitment to delivering the utmost quality, ensuring both your satisfaction and safety.

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