Elaines Stainless Steel Posture Collar
Elaines Stainless Steel Posture Collar

Elaines Stainless Steel Posture Collar

Discover the allure of Elaines Stainless Steel Posture Collar - a fusion of sophistication and BDSM pleasure. Explore exquisite design and secure fit for electrifying bondage

$79.99 AUD

Product Description

Elaines is the embodiment of allure and sophistication, designed to enhance your bondage play with a touch of class. This stainless steel posture collar marries exquisite design with functionality, making it a must-have for both beginners and experienced BDSM enthusiasts.

Elaines features intricate beading along its edges, adding a touch of elegance to its aesthetic. Its metal O-ring adds a tantalizing opportunity for lead attachment, allowing you to explore power dynamics with style. The soft lace-up back design not only promotes proper posture but also ensures comfortable wear during your adventurous escapades.

Crafted to endure, this 3-inch curved posture collar maintains its form without compromise. It boasts a solid welded tri-ring on the front, offering various attachment options, while the heavy-duty roller adjustable buckle at the back ensures a secure fit. The latest update includes a locking buckle, giving you the freedom to keep the collar in place until you're ready to remove it.

Elaines is versatile, catering to various sizes and preferences. For females, the inside diameter adjusts between 12.5cm and 14.5cm, while males can enjoy a comfortable fit with an inside diameter ranging from 14cm to 16.5cm.

Please note that our commitment to quality extends to our faux leather options. Choose between two grades: Beginners/Soft Bondage or Hardcore/Heavy Bondage. The former offers a lightweight feel suitable for gentle bondage play, while the latter delivers robustness for experienced users seeking more intense sensations.

Elevate your bondage experiences with Elaines, a masterpiece that bridges the gap between aesthetics and bondage pleasure.

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