Duke Ribbed Steel Uretheral Sound
Duke Ribbed Steel Uretheral Sound
Duke Ribbed Steel Uretheral Sound
Duke Ribbed Steel Uretheral Sound
Duke Ribbed Steel Uretheral Sound

Duke Ribbed Steel Uretheral Sound

Elevate your pleasure with The Duke Ribbed Steel Urethral Sound. Crafted from surgical steel, it offers intense sensations for urethral play. Are you ready?

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$49.99 AUD

Product Description

Experience Ultimate Sensation with The Duke Ribbed Steel Urethral Sound

Step into a world of unparalleled urethral pleasure with Hell's Couture The Duke Ribbed Urethral Sound. Crafted for those who seek the highest levels of stimulation, this premium surgical steel toy promises to transform your intimate moments into extraordinary experiences. The Duke is the perfect addition to any adult toy collection, offering sensations beyond your wildest dreams.

The Duke's ribbed design is specifically crafted to enhance urethral play, delivering intensified stimulation that will leave you breathless. The smooth, polished surface and tapered tip make insertion comfortable and easy, whether you're new to urethral play or a seasoned enthusiast. This sound is designed to cater to all levels of experience, providing a thrilling journey with every use.

With an overall and insertable length of 240mm, The Duke is designed to provide a perfect fit for all users. You can choose from three plug widths: 8mm for gentle exploration, 10mm for a more intense experience, and 12mm for those seeking the ultimate in urethral stimulation. Each size is meticulously crafted to offer varying levels of pleasure, ensuring that every user finds their ideal match.

Picture the sensation of The Duke as you guide it into your urethra, feeling each ribbed section heighten your arousal. The premium surgical steel construction ensures not only a sensational experience but also safety and durability. The Duke's sleek, polished design and superior craftsmanship make it a reliable and thrilling tool for urethral play.

Hell's Couture is committed to quality and safety, and The Duke Ribbed Urethral Sound meets the highest standards. Its ribbed design enhances stimulation, while the smooth surface minimizes discomfort, ensuring a pleasurable and safe experience. Whether used solo or with a partner, The Duke promises to take your pleasure to the next level.

Add The Duke Ribbed Urethral Sound to your collection and experience urethral play like never before. Its unique ribbed design and premium materials make it an essential tool for those who seek intense and safe stimulation. Elevate your intimate moments with The Duke and discover the heights of urethral pleasure.

Key Product Features:

  • High-quality surgical steel: Safe, durable, and non-magnetic.
  • Ribbed design: Enhances stimulation for intense pleasure.
  • Smooth and tapered: Ensures easy and comfortable insertion.
  • 240mm length: Suitable for all users.
  • Available in three widths: 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm for varied sensations.

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