Coco de Mer Brown Leather Lead
Coco de Mer Brown Leather Lead
Coco de Mer Brown Leather Lead
Coco de Mer Brown Leather Lead

Coco de Mer Brown Leather Lead

Unleash laughter with Coco de Mer Brown Leather Lead. Buy now for hilarious dominance and premium pet play!

$104.99 AUD

Product Description

Let the Laughter Lead with Coco de Mer Brown Leather Leash

Introducing the Coco de Mer Brown Leather Lead – a playful twist on the world of BDSM accessories. Crafted with precision using the finest leather and antique brass, this leash is not just a tool for restraint; it's a comedic masterpiece designed to turn your intimate moments into a sidesplitting spectacle.

At the heart of the hilarity is the 8-inch leather loop, a source of endless amusement for both the keeper and the kept. With a strength that inspires dominance and a loop that's just asking for mischief, this lead invites you to take charge of restraint play with a dose of humor.

The 43-inch gold-colored chain with a lobster clip is not just a chain; it's the audible punchline to your most amusing power play scenarios. Attach it to your preferred bondage collar (and your unsuspecting sub), and let the laughter commence as you test the boundaries of control and elevate satisfaction to new comedic heights.

Embrace the comedic genius with the Coco de Mer logo embossed on the handle, adding a touch of sophistication to the laughter-filled chaos. Packaged in a branded drawstring bag, this lead is not just an accessory; it's an experience in hilarity, making it the ideal present for a lover who appreciates the lighter side of passion. Includes care instructions – because even laughter deserves proper care.

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