Sex and Mischief Door Play Kit

Sex & Mischief Door Play Kit gives you everything you need in one handy set

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Sex and Mischief Door Play Kit

Keep your object's desire right where you want him or her with the fantastic Door Play Kit from Sex & Mischief.. Especially considering all the pleasure you'll get from this sexy system, it's breathtakingly easy to use and requires only a doorway to set up. Overtop and underneath of the door, simply place the stopper-ended sections of the 2 main straps and close the door. That's it, you're done! There are several loops down each strap, providing numerous places for you to attach the silky red ties, 4 of which are included. After trussing up your lovers wrists, ankles and combinations of the two, tie the equally silky blindfold over their eyes to heighten the other senses and add a sense of anticipation to their experience.

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