Ouch! Luxury Hogtie

Super Fine Luxury Hog-Tie Restraint

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Product Description

Ouch! Luxury Hogtie

“Getting on all fours” will have an exciting new meaning in your sex life! The OUCH! hogtie fulfills all your kinky dreams, and more! In any BDSM collection, a hogtie plays an important role and with this high-quality equipment you can have a go at it yourself. With their fashionable diamond pattern, these neoprene and faux-leather cuffs and cross really stand out from the crowd! The hogtie consists of 2 ankle cuffs, 2 handcuffs, and a “cross” with four O-rings. The ankle cuffs are 39 cm (15.4”) long and 5.5 cm (2.2”) wide with 7 holes for size adjustment. The handcuffs are 36 cm (14.2”) long and 5 cm (1.97”) with 6 holes for size adjustment. The hogtie “cross” has 4 lengths of 27.2 cm (10.7”) each.

Product Dimensions:

50 x 40 x 5 cm


Handcuffs are adjustable with 6 holes measuring 21-31cm
Anklecuffs are adjustable with 9 holes measuring 47-57cm


Vinyl, Faux-leather, Neoprene

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