Fetish Fantasy Extreme Home Invasion Hood

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Take your most perverted role playing fantasies to the extreme with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Home Invasion Hood. Made from super-soft faux wool, this full-face hood will strike fear into your subject once you pull the heavyweight hood over your head. With two eyeholes and a nose hole for easy breathing, you'll have your full range of vision while you speak and breathe freely. Best of all, you'll remain mysterious and anonymous while your submissive quivers in anticipation of what happens next. One size fits most.


The Fetish Fantasy Sex Toys are for both men and women and equally can be purchased by the dominant or submissive. The Fetish Fantasy Series offers a diverse range of adult toys for different levels of ability and inundation into the universe of play BDSM, from brilliant pink ball muffles and pink cowhide wrist sleeves to exotic enchantment packs and electrosex treatment toys. With this particular scope of play toys for sexual joy, you can gradually guide yourself into fetish play or you can make a plunge deep into the abyss or extreme bondage.


The Fetish Fantasy Series was made to deliver longing, fulfillment and unadulterated rapture significant for both lovers with regards to a solid relationship. Whether you want to achieve enslavement or adoration these toys will assist you to play safe and enhance your relationships. Turn your love play up one notch and realize your Fetish Fantasy.