Bum Bum Bondage Paddle & Eye Mask

Bum Bum Paddle & Eye Mask

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Uber cute and uber kinky mini bum bum paddle and eye mask.  If you are a novice to kink and fetish sex, this is a very soft BDSM toy to experiement with. Or, perhaps you wish to wear them on your night out dress up or even as a cute little dangle for your rear view mirror. The choices are endless.


There are some companies that just do things differently and BDStyle the fetish company, is one of those. They supply a wide range of bondage items and servicing a variety of different fetishes. Penis plugs, suspension gear, bondage restraints and a huge amount of collars, cuffs and other fetish gear. If you’re looking to explore your kink, or looking for new gear to practice your fetish, then BDStyle is the company that you’re looking for. Producing quality bondage gear without the cumbersome pricing – yet still maintaining premium quality