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BDSM hoods and masks: Let BDSM Australia help you to choose the perfect one? Slip on a mask and your old personality slips away. You loose your identity and are free to choose a new one. Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, Peter Parker Spiderman. BDSM hoods and masks can therefore be used as highly effective tool in Australian BDSM and power play. Put a mask on a submissive and he and she immediately loses all her personality. Is she the serious, strait laced accountant? No longer so. Is he the shy, shambling teacher in the local school? Not all. A submissive becomes what his or her Dominant wants to be. Instantaneously (read more) BDSM hoods and masks are a very quick and useful way of showing defining the parameters of a relationship. Who is the boss? Who is the submissive? Who gives orders? Who follows them? There can be no doubt left any longer.
Identity Concealment and Redefinition: Who is the slave? With a hood on, nothing more than a slave. BDSM Masks and Hoods are the most effective way of reminding the submissive of her status and also objectifying her.
Gender Change: Sometimes BDSM hoods and masks are used to change the perceived gender of the submissive. Giving the Dominant complete control over who the submissive ought to be. Sense Deprivation: Other than redefining the personality of the wearer, BDSM hoods and masks can have many practical uses. There are different kinds of masks designed for specific needs. They allow the Dominant to limit what a submissive or a slave can feel or sense. Controlled sense deprivation means that the submissive or slave is completely at the mercy of Dominant.
Punishment or Reward: BDSM hoods and masks can be effectively used to create Pavlovian response patterns in a slave. Has she been a bad girl? Has he pleased you greatly? A BDSM hoods and masks can greatly help in establishing the current status of the submissive.
Many of the BDSM hoods and masks come with really convenient attachments and accessories. Making them highly effective in bondage play, There are no limits to the different types of BDSM hoods and masks. From a simple cloth hood that can be made at home to elaborate leather and PVC ones that you can buy from the market. Like everything else in BDSM, individualism is the key. Innovate by yourself to make your play and lifestyle more enjoyable.
If you wish to purchase from your local BDSM store Australia, you will generally find BDSM hoods and masks made of three different kinds of materials.
Fabric: Could be cotton, wool or even spandex. Fabric could be comfortable or form fitting – choose from what suits you best.
Latex: Nothing says I am yours better than latex. Versatile, form fitting and of course it looks great too. Leather: No one can underestimate the power of leather, especially your submissive. However remember leather as a material has its disadvantages too. Leather cannot and should not cling to the wearer like spandex and latex does.
Hoods with Eye and Mouth Holes: Of all the BDSM hoods and masks, this is one of the most popular. They can completely remove a sub’s identity in a matter of seconds. Turn a human being into an object. To be cherished or to be used.
Ponytail Hood: This is usually a hood with eye and mouth holes. However it also has a hole on the top from where the hair of your sub can be pulled out to make a really beautiful ponytail.
Hoods with no Holes: This is highly popular because it completely deprives the submissive of his or her sense of sight. The sub will not know what is in store for him or her. Another added plus – this also completely gags your sub (quite a relief with some really talkative ones). So there is no chance that she will even be able to protest when you establish control over her. A simple word of caution – not all subs are quite ready for this. When choosing from the range of BDSM hoods and masks available, make sure you choose wisely. One that is right for you and your sub.
Padded Hoods: (Also known as Isolation Hoods): This too is a hood with no holes. And does exactly what a hood with no holes does. But in this case, a padded hood goes one step further. It completely deprives the submissive of sound as well. Which means that she will not be able to either speak or hear what you are doing. It is complete isolation inside her own head. Of course as any Dominant can well imagine what this can do to a sub’s other senses. The significance of even a simple touch becomes so much more.
Straitjacket Hoodie: Essentially this is a straitjacket with a hood attached. Many dominants like to leave face of the submissive open while using this. However if one wishes the hood can easily be pulled down to cover the face and act as a blindfold.
Gimp Mask: Remember Pulp Fiction? Well, who doesn’t? This mask immediately skyrocketed in popularity after this movie was released. The term too came into popular usage because of the movie. Gas Mask: Gas masks were originally used – yes you got it right – in chemical warfare. But somehow along the way they became popular in the BDSM lifestyle. However the gas masks used in BDSM are often modified to suit the needs of the lifestyle and can be used in breathplay, enclosure etc. Female Mask: The Female Mask completely hides the identity of the wearer and can be used to give a female appearance to the submissive. In recent years great improvements have been made on their design and some of them look quite realistic.
Head Harness: Though technically not a mask or a hood, the head harness can be used as one. Head harnesses often use different kinds of gags – ball gags are popularly used. They not only help objectify the sub but can also perform many practical functions like providing attachment points and gagging. Strap Mask: A strap mask is somewhere between a harness and a mask. There are many straps to this harness which covers most of the face making it look more like a mask.
So when shopping for BDSM Australia hoods and masks, choose judiciously. Remember your personality and tastes and that of your submissive as well. And choose one that is practical and also sets your heart racing. We trust this information from BDSM Australia helps you in your bondage choices and lifestyle,
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