Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Butterfly Stim

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Butterfly Stim By Pipedream is an electro-stimulation system attached to a (reusable) adhesive patch with 6 programmes and 10 stimulation mode

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Product Description

Electro Stim Shock Therapy Butterfly

The butterfly-shaped pad is self-adhesive, re-useable and attaches to the control unit with a metal snap. It can offer endless pleasure possibilities and unlimited Shock Therapy scenarios. Choose from a light tingle to a throbbing tap with the push of a button and do it all with ease! Select your preferred massage mode and enjoy tapping, kneading, and deep tissue massage sensations where you desire them most! No one will know your shocking little secret! The Butterfly Stimulator can be worn discreetly under your favorite clothing and enjoyed solo or with a partner.

Batteries Included. 



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