ElectraStim Electro Double Wartenberg Pinwheel

Electro sex discipline toy, General body stimulation, S&M accessory, Bi-polar

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Product Description

ElectraStim - Electro Double Wartenberg Pinwheel 


The wartenburg wheel is a favourite sex aid but this one has a twist.  An electrostim wartenburg wheel will add joy to your sensory experience.  Intense pleasures will be derived from the gentle pins as thye wheel across your body and privates.  The handle has been insulated so the applier will not be shocked.


If you want a sensual and erotic twist in your sexual life according to your specific needs and requirements, Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel would be a perfect sex toy for you. You can experience prickly sensations and tingling in your body by using it along with an Electra Stim Digital Stimulator.



Sense Deprivition is what is used to cut off one sense and enhance the others. Thus when you cut off the sense of sight, your sense of touch and feel improves making the Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel the ultimate in foreplay stimulation.



You should take care that it should not be pressed too hard. Try to simply roll the sharp spikes over the skin, which heightens your arousal and make your nerves and senses live. If you want to feel more exciting stimulations, you can use it with the Electra Stim Conductive Gel.




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