Siege Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Siege Adjustable Nipple Clamps By XR Brands Is A Sexy Pair Of Breast Clamps With A Squared Off 'C' Design

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Siege Adjustable Nipple Clamps


A sexy pair of clamps with a unique squared-off 'C' design and completely adjustable pinch potential, the Siege certainly caters to the seasoned nipple-play pro. Each bare-tipped chrome coated press clamp weighs in at .6 oz (17g), making for a total weight of 1.8 oz (51g) including the 12 inch joiner chain, so the Siege offers lots of tug. If, however, the default weight isn't doing the trick, you'll be able to attach your choice of chain, leash, weight or otherwise to increase the intensity.

Adjusting the grip of the clamp portion is simple, the flattened press opens and closes quickly and very precisely with a large screw at the side. The hardy chrome coated construction is not only extra durable and worthy of some rough and tough play, but also warms quickly to match body heat. Place the clamps in the fridge or some cold water before use if you'd like a cooler option, and add extra heat with a soak in warm water.

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