XL-Silicone Erection Enhancer

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California Exotics
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This Silicone Erection Enhancer will help the biggest men maintain rock hard erections after pumping. It’s designed to slip seamlessly from your pump cylinder to your erect penis so you can transition from pumping to thrusting without a moment’s interruption.

Don’t lose that hard-earned, erection from your pumping fun! Penis pumps work by creating an airtight vacuum seal around your cock and, over time, using pressure and blood flow to expand your length and girth. This can lead to harder erections, more satisfied lovers, and an overall heightened sexual experience.

Our enhancers ensure that you can transition from pumping to bedroom fun without losing an inch of pumping benefit. To use the enhancers, just slip the ring onto the base of your pump cylinder. When you’re ready to switch to solo or partnered play, just use the handles on the side of the ring to pull it from the cylinder to the base of your shaft.

The enhancer works like a traditional cock ring by allowing blood to flow into your penis but not out. The additional pressure and sensitivity will take your play experience to the next level and ensure that your erection stays as hard as can be. You and your partner will both love the increased stamina that ensues as you keep thrusting well past your usual threshold.

The enhancer is made of stretchy silicone that keeps you at peak performance without compromising on comfort. Keep your erection hard and ready to please after pumping with our erection enhancer!


1.5" / 3.75cm (Ring Diameter)



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