Spiked Penis Wand Male Chastity Device

BDStyle, Spiked Penis Wand Male Chastity Device, with Screw in Torture Points, Mens CBT device,

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Spiked Penis Head Wand Male Chastity Device


The Sadistic Spiked Penis Head Wand is the ultimate CBT toy. Just the sight of this wicked little toy will have YOUR slave begging for mercy. It is worn by slipping the prince wand into the urethra. For a more secure fit, the included hex wrench can be used to tighten the four screws, digging them deep into the cock for a secure fit.

It can be worn for long periods of time. As the wand is hollow, it need not be removed for urination or ejaculation. Of course, if the screws are in tight enough it likely can not be removed without the included hex wrench. It is ready to become a permanent addition to its owner’s lifestyle.

Steel Chastity Device is Made: of solid stainless steel, the glans ring has an internal diameter of 34 mm (1 5/16 inch) and a height of 10 mm (7/16 inch). Prince’s Wand: diameter is about 9 mm (3/8 inch) at its widest point, overall length approximately 95 mm (3.75 inches), insertable length is approximately 85 mm (3.5 inches) Includes Hex Wrench.

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