Penal Colony Locking Cock Cage

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Talk about the ultimate in desire. With your lover forcefully controlled, their lust encased in steel, throbbing and wishing for a gentle touch and yet completely denied.  The Penal Colony Locking Male Chastity Cage is a steel cock cage which not only looks sexy, it's very effective.


Simply slip the base ring behind the cock and balls. Next, slide the cage over his cock, place it over the locking post on the cock ring and lock it all on tight with the included padlock and he won't be playing with himself without your permission again. But tease him through the bars of the cage and he'll do anything for you to earn the keys!


The inside diameter of the cock ring measures 1.75" and the length of the cage portion is 2.25" with a diameter of 1 3/8" for a nice, tight squeeze. The total length of the cage is 3.5" from the cock ring base to the tip.   The diameter of the ball ring have 3 Size: 40 mm/1.6 inch (S) 45 mm/1.77 inch (M) 47 mm/1.85 inch (L)


Perfectly designed keep your lover encased in steel and yet practical with a slit open front for bathroom or other use, along with a breathable side but also adjustable to be locked into place, securely. I can't guarantee your comfort with this one. In other words, whatever your lover does to you once you are locked in, well…..let’s just put it this way - it’s going to be one amazing night!


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