Micturate Cock Cage & Urethral Tube

Cock Cage, Urethral Tube, Chastity Lock, Chastity Device, Mens Chastity

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Nothing like having a tinkle whilst your little fella is imprisoned.  Ahh the relief.  These sadistic keyholders that don't let you piss are just plain mean.  I mean they go against the cuckolded man's ethical rules (if there are any)...  Enjoy this one guys.


Cage Overall Length; 75mm

Cage Width Internal 25-33mm External 33-43mm

Cock Ring; Small 38.1mm Medium 41.3mm Large 44.4mm

XLarge 47.6mm XXLarge 50.8mm

 Plug Insertable; 175mm

Plug Width; 8mm


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