BirdLocked Cock Trap Chastity Plug

Chastity Device

Hell's Couture
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The cock trap with sounding rod and padlock is one of the most comfortable, securest and least noticeable chastity devices available on the market for the man about town. This popular chastity cock trap with sounding rod  fits well and comfortably.  The design makes it specially safe to wear. The wearer simply slides his testicles and penis through the stainless steel ring, and then inserts the urethral rod which is smooth into his non-erect penis. After that you lock the padlock and hand the keys over to the "keyholder".

This well thought out and compact design keeps your manhood naturally pointed downward to avoid any bulging making the cock trap chastity device both comfortable and almpst unnoticeable when worn. The rod is solid (not hollow) and tapers into a soft point to provide further comfort, easy insertion and safety during wear. It also swivels which gives freedom when movement occurs.

Insertable length: 96mm

Plug width (top - bottom): 5mm - 8mm

Ring diameter: 45mm


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