Anal Jock Lock With Duo Rings

Surgical Steel, Double Cock Ring and Anal Ball Various Sizings

Hell's Couture
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All Sizes

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Put the anal lock in place and have your penis go through these dual cock rings for amazing sensations.  The ball is removable so you can go up and down in sizings.  When you are fully erect expect some insane sensations with this surgical steel sex toy.


THIS IS FOR THE DEVICE ONLY the balls are sold seperately!

Different Ball Options Are:

Check out the Interchangeable Solid Rolly Polly Balls.

Also the Interchangeable Hollow Ben Wa Balls.

Also the Interchangeable Solid Egg Ball.


Hell’s Couture is a leading BDSM brand that is exclusively offered by Adultsmart. They have an amazing range of leather restraints, hoods and accessories as well as offering on the largest collections of surgical steel and steel sex toys around. Whatever your kink, whatever your interests you can be guaranteed that Hell’s Couture not only understands you, but produces a quality product for your kink and interests without breaking the bank. Check out their massive collection of kinky sex gear