Cock Jock Lock & Anal Intruder

Surgical Steel, Cock Ring and Anal ball Varous Sizes

Hell's Couture
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All Sizes

Cock Ring comes apart and is secured by Allen Screw

A fine surgical steel cock ring with anal ball attachment.  As your erection grown harder the ball (sold seperately) will go deeper in your butt.  A hardcore item for all you fetish enthusiasts out there that like their sex with a bit of a twist.


Ring Available in 4 sizes;

Small; Cock Ring 42mm

Medium; Cock Ring 45mm

Large; Cock Ring 48mm

XLarge; Cock Ring 51mm


THIS IS FOR THE DEVICE ONLY the balls are sold seperately!

Different Ball Options Are -

Check out the Interchangeable Solid Rolly Polly Balls.

Also the Interchangeable Hollow Ben Wa Balls.

Also the Interchangeable Solid Egg Ball

Also the Interchangeable Babushka Anal Plug


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