Bonnie Rotten Collection Make-A-Porno Kit

Sex Toy Kit

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Our incredible Make-A-Porno fantasy kit has everything you need to turn your partner into a real life replica of Ms. Rotten! Tat your lover up just like Bonnie and fuck her like a porn star!

Kit Includes:
- 9 Temporary Tattoos and Thigh-High Stockings!
Follow the photos on the box, and place the temporary tattoos on your lover's body exactly where Bonnie's are. Then, put her in a pair of thigh-high stockings and the transformation into bad-ass Bonnie has begun!

- Real Feel Penis Extension!
Next, slide your cock inside the Real Feel Penis Extension and you'll be hung like a real porno stud! Bonnie loves a big, thick cock and your partner will too with this incredible Fanta Flesh extension. With your thicker, longer dick, you'll perform like a pro and give your girl the fuck of her life!

- Bonnie Rotten's Deep Throat Spray!
Wish your woman could deep throat like Bonnie does? Spray a few shots of Bonnie's own Deep Throat Spray oral desensitiser in the back of her throat and she'll be taking every inch of your man meat like a champ! No more gagging or choking--just deep throating pleasure both of you will enjoy!

- Bonnie Rotten's "Spit Lube" Water-Based Lubricant!
Like all great porn stars, Bonnie knows how to use her own saliva as a lubricant. But you don't have to waste your own spit--we've developed Bonnie's Spit Lube, a super slippery water-based lubricant perfect for easing penetration. Bonnie's Spit Lube is great for handjobs, blowjobs, solo stroking sessions and ultra wet and wild pussy poundings!

- Bonnie Rotten's Ass Lube!
Bonnie loves ass sex, and now your lover will too with Bonnie's specially formulated Ass Lube. This non-staining water-based lube is perfect for friction-free anal sex and won't get sticky or dry up. Ease into comfort and make ass fucking more enjoyable with this long-lasting personal lubricant.

- Fantasy Love Mask & Cat O' Nine Tails!
Don't forget to blindfold your partner with the Fantasy Love Mask and give them a good spanking with the Cat O' Nine tails. Everything you need to make your own Bonnie Rotten fantasy flick is included in this kit!

So what are you waiting for? Your very own Bonnie Rotten is standing right in front of you--don't you want to experience what it feels like to "Be Rotten?" Action!



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