Bug-Eyed Lockdown Hood With Penis Gag

BDStyle, Bug-Eyed Lockdown Hood With Penis Gag, Lockable Hood with Removable Eye Piece and Gag

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Bug-Eyed Lockdown Hood With Penis Gag

Faux Leather

 Available in Black and Rose

Three holes for their eyes and mouth give you the option of letting them see what’s being done to them and moan in pleasure. However, an optional blindfold easily covers their eyes so that your every move is a surprise, intensifying each sensation. The penis-shaped gag also efficiently shuts your slave up so that they can’t beg for more and every noise is muffled. Fill that pretty mouth with cock!


Both accessories are adjustable with locking buckles so that your plaything is fully confined. The collar also adjusts to your lover’s size and has a locking buckle, as well as 3 D-rings for attaching a leash or other BDSM devices. Lacing up the back of the hood can be tightened or loosened to fit your partner perfectly.

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