Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag

Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag Hell's Couture is a Adjustable Leather Straps for an Asylum Look in Bondage

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Product Description

Keep your partner's mouth nice and wide open with this Hook Claw Spreader

You know the scenario: You have your partner all nice and bound, but you want to make sure that, at a whim, you could insert stuff into their mouth as you see fit. The Asylum Hook Claw Spreader allows you to make sure that your partner's mouth stays open to take in all that you offer.

The two hooks of the spreader are placed on either side of your partner's mouth and the adjustable strap let's you place their mouth at the open position you desire. Once applied, go ahead and do as you desire.

Asylum Hook Claw Spreader Specs/Benefits:

  • Size: Designed to fit most heads, using adjustable strap
  • Material: Metal (mouth bits); Nylon (neck strap)
  • Designed to keep your partner's mouth wide open for you 

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