Ultimate Lockdown Leather Cincher

This restrictive restraint piece is an exquisite way to bind your lover in style. The leather bodice is wrapped with adjustable buckles, with silver accents for ultimate BDSM!

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Product Description

The Ultimate Lockdown Cincher offers that awesome combination of style and function
Enjoy the time spent placing your partner into this cincher. You wrap it around them and use the adjustable buckles in the back to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. You then connect a posture collar and a chastity strap for the ultimate way to control your partner in one device.
When you have them in, they'll feel that need to remain straight (keeping good posture). You can then connect their wrists to the cincher keeping their hands at bay. In this position they are unable to play with themselves, tease themselves or pleasure themselves. They are at your whim.
The cincher leaves your partner's rear end exposed and accessible. Go ahead and use that crop or paddle on them; insert that butt plug. Your imagination can run wild.
All of the straps on this piece is fully adjustable Note that the upper cuffs are secured tight to the chest piece, and are not able to be removed. The wrist cuffs are attached with a swivel snap hook and are removable.
Color: Black/Red
Material: PVC(Faux Leather)
Size: One size fit most
Package: Bag

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