Spandex Open Mouth Hood With Padded Blindfold

BDStyle, Spandex Open Mouth Hood With Padded Blindfold, Lightweight Spandex Hood

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Product Description

This lightweight spandex hood is ideal for those new to bondage play or just need a quick hood at the ready
Restrict your partner's senses with this Open Mouth Hood. They won't be able to see a thing under the built-in padded blindfold, as you fulfill your devious fantasies. This hood is comfortable and stretches to fit any-sized head, making it easy to apply and remove as you wish. The mouth is fully exposed, leaving a hot wet hole for your use.
Size: One size fits most
Material: Spandex
Color: Black
This hood is designed to limit vision while leaving access to the mouth.
It's a comfortable and lightweight hood

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