Bridal Pleasure Set
Bridal Pleasure Set
Bridal Pleasure Set
Bridal Pleasure Set

Bridal Pleasure Set

Bridal Pleasure Set By Lelo Australia is the ultimate luxury. Designed to the highest quality for both the bride and groom

$279.99 AUD

Product Description

The LELO Bridal Pleasure Set: Begin Your Forever with Passion

Exquisitely packaged and designed for the daring, this bridal kit is the quintessential gift for newlyweds poised at the threshold of eternal joy. As you prepare to say "I do," let the LELO Bridal Pleasure Set guide you to a lifetime filled with passion and closeness.

A Touch of Mystery and Excitement
Your journey into marital bliss starts with a luxurious pearl-studded silk blindfold, setting a tone of elegant mystery. Follow the path to heightened pleasure with the suede teaser ring, a gentle yet provocative accessory designed to tantalize and tease.

Experience Togetherness with Noa™
LELO's Noa™, the top-rated massager for couples, is beautifully crafted to be part of your union. Worn during lovemaking, it's both waterproof and rechargeable, promising endless moments of joy and connection wherever love takes you.

Explore the Depths of Your Connection
This set isn't just for the wedding night; it's a treasure for all romantic escapades—from spicy bachelorette parties to serene honeymoons. With the included illustrated lover’s guide, you’ll find yourselves discovering the most enticing positions and deepening your intimacy with every encounter.

Inside Your Bridal Pleasure Kit:

  • Noa™ Couples’ Massager: Enhancing the closeness of every embrace.
  • Pearl-Studded Silk Blindfold: Intensify each moment with a touch of luxury.
  • Suede Teaser Ring: Crafted with pearls to seductively elevate arousal.
  • Lover’s Guide: A roadmap to exploring each other's desires and dreams.


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