Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After
Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After
Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After

Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After

Experience a fairy tale ending with Happily Ever After Kit by Bijoux Indiscrets. It's a magical adventure of pleasure and seduction.

$69.99 AUD

Product Description

Who needs a fairy godmother when you have the Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After kit? This kit is the real magic you've been waiting for, and it's here to turn your ordinary night into a storybook-worthy evening of passion and enchantment.

With satin and organza handcuffs and a garter that's straight out of a fairy tale, you'll have Prince Charming kneeling at your feet (or at least trying to, given the circumstances). These handcuffs aren't just for play; they're the key to unlocking your desires and casting a spell of irresistible allure.

But that's not all; we've added satin self-adhesive nipple covers that are as mysterious as they are seductive. They'll keep your secrets hidden until you're ready to reveal them, making Prince Charming's heart race with anticipation.

And what's a fairy tale without a touch of whimsy? Enter the feather tickler, your magical wand for playful exploration. It's the ultimate tool for teasing, pleasing, and casting a spell of pleasure that's impossible to resist.

So, why not invite Prince Charming over for a night that he'll never forget? With the Happily Ever After kit by Bijoux Indiscrets, you'll create a fairy tale ending that's far from the ordinary. Get ready to write your own story of seduction and enchantment because, with this kit, your "happily ever after" is just a sensual adventure away.

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