Be-Brief Flexible Penis Plug
Be-Brief Flexible Penis Plug
Be-Brief Flexible Penis Plug
Be-Brief Flexible Penis Plug
Be-Brief Flexible Penis Plug

Be-Brief Flexible Penis Plug

Made from pure medical-grade silicone, this flexible penis plug offers comfortable wear, smooth insertion, and sensational urethral stimulation.

$24.99 AUD

Product Description

Attention, Dominant, it's time to elevate your mastery with the Hell’s Couture Be-Brief Flexible Penis Wand. This silicone cock plug is your tool for initiating and training your submissive partner, delivering pleasure in ways they've only dreamt of. Crafted from 100% pure medical-grade silicone, it's a symbol of your authority.

Unleash Your Dominance:

Crafted with precision and designed for those who revel in control, this silicone penis plug is a masterpiece of pleasure and submission. Its smooth shaft, gently tapered for easy insertion, measures just over 3 inches in length. It rests at the base of your partner's penis, a constant reminder of your dominance.

Total Control:

Secure it with the glans ring, and you're ready to dominate with ease. Urethral stimulation takes on a new intensity, a sensation carefully crafted to push boundaries and awaken desires. This is not just pleasure; it's a symphony of submission that will leave your partner yearning for more.

The Elegance of Authority:

Indulge in the allure of black. This silicone urethral sex toy is more than a tool; it's a symbol of your authority and dominance. As you lead your partner into the pleasures of submission, you'll find comfort and delight in the power it bestows upon you.


Overall Length: 88mm

Insertable Length: 76mm

Plug Width: 7mm

Material: Medical-grade Silicone

Color: Black

Dominate with Confidence:

The Hell’s Couture Be-Brief Flexible Penis Plug is your instrument of authority and pleasure. It's time to claim your dominance and lead your partner into new realms of submission. Are you ready to embrace your role as a dominant and master the art of pleasure?

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