BAM Penis Plug
BAM Penis Plug
BAM Penis Plug
BAM Penis Plug

BAM Penis Plug

Dive into a world of intense sensation with BDStyle BAM Penis Plug. Crafted for precise pleasure, this tri-stage plug offers unique urethral exploration.

$29.99 AUD

Product Description

Discover an entirely new dimension of intimate pleasure with the BDStyle BAM Penis Plug – an avant-garde masterpiece designed to ignite your senses through a three-stage exploration of urethral bliss. Brace yourself as each stage unfolds, delivering sensations that hit you like a "BAM," propelling you into an exquisite realm of passion and delight.

Commence your journey at Stage One, where our meticulously crafted penis plug, measuring 5mm wide and 20mm long, ensures a gentle introduction to urethral stimulation. Transition seamlessly to Stage Two, where a slender 50mm plug awaits, inviting you to embrace the unique sensations of urethral dilation. Finally, experience the crescendo at Stage Three, as an 8mm wide and 43mm long plug sweeps you into a tidal wave of intense pleasure.

Crafted with precision, our penis plug is an embodiment of pleasure-enhancing design. Boasting an overall length of 125mm, it is crafted for effortless manipulation and control. The insertable length, adjustable between 65mm and 110mm, adapts to your desires, catering to your personal preferences. At its most delicate point, the plug measures 4mm, ensuring a gentle and gradual stretch. At its fullest, 8mm width offers a fulfilling sensation that will leave you craving more.

Indulge in the epitome of pleasure with the BAM penis plug – a pinnacle of artful design meticulously calibrated to cater to your most intimate cravings. Let the tri-stage marvel guide you through an exploration of heightened sensations and uncharted pleasure.

Submit to the allure of the BAM Penis Plug, where exquisite design meets unparalleled satisfaction.

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