Amanda Black
Amanda Black
Amanda Black
Amanda Black

Amanda Black

Elevate your allure with Amanda Black by Demoniq. Seduction meets sophistication in this provocative lingerie set. Shop now for a daring experience!

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Product Description

Amanda Black: Unleash Your Inner Temptress

Step into the world of Amanda Black – where sophistication meets seduction, and elegance intertwines with provocativeness. This lingerie set is not just an ensemble; it's a statement, a celebration of the daring, passionate lady within you.

Elegant Aggression: Amanda Black is not for the faint-hearted. It's a proposal for the lady who understands the power of allure, who embraces original lingerie that stands out in a crowd. Crafted with an unusual design, high-quality materials, and unparalleled comfort, the Amanda set is a symphony of boldness and sophistication.

Predatory Passion: As you slip into Amanda Black, feel the emanation of elegant sex appeal. The flexible fabric caresses your skin, providing a touch that is not just pleasant but also molds perfectly to your body. This is lingerie designed for the lady who knows she's a force to be reckoned with.

Aggressive Sophistication: The ornamental detailed strips with black mesh, ring-formed silver pieces, and regulators create an aggressive elegance that demands attention. Silver metallic elements dance against the black cloth, elevating the sophistication and adding a touch of rebellion to the set.

The Ensemble: The Amanda set doesn't just include lingerie; it's a curated collection of temptation. With a bra featuring adjustable straps and a single-stage back closure, a garter belt boasting adjustable length straps and a two-stage back clasp, and the provocative addition of figs, this ensemble is a complete journey into indulgence.

Sensual Materials: Crafted from a flexible and resilient material – synthetic leather – Amanda Black ensures a snug fit that accentuates your curves. The silver metal accessories add a hint of rebellion, completing the ensemble with a touch of edgy elegance.

Adjustable Allure: The bra and garter belt come with adjustable features, allowing you to tailor the fit to your body. Black garter clips adorned with decorative ribbons add an extra layer of sensuality, making this set as adjustable as your desires.

Size and Color Options: Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL, Amanda Black accommodates every lady seeking to unleash her inner temptress. The color – a timeless black – adds to the versatility, making it suitable for any occasion.

Ingredients of Seduction: 95% polyester, 5% elastane – the perfect blend for a touch that's both luxurious and form-fitting. Amanda Black becomes more than lingerie; it's an ingredient for an unforgettable experience.

Experience Amanda Black: Shop Now

Indulge in the provocative allure of Amanda Black. Shop now to experience the perfect blend of sophistication, passion, and a touch of rebellious elegance.

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