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Our Mission Statement: To facilitate Safe, consensual and fun sexual experiences through our Kink and Fetish Products

BDSM Australia Guarantee

We treat all our customers with respect and courtesy. BDSM Australia and it’s employees do not discriminate race, religion, sexuality, gender or identity. We guarantee to provide the best quality service. We will actively listen and continually learn from our clients. We will answer all questions and queries honestly.

BDSM Australia is owned and operated by RMV Management Pty LTD (RMV). The directors of RMV have been actively engaged within the adult industry for over 30 years and have owned and operated business across the world in Australia, South Africa and the United States.. The focus of operations changed in 2010 from Brick and Mortar Stores to Online E-Commerce Websites which has been servicing thousands of orders around the globe. BDSM Australia arose from a need of good quality bondage gear at affordable pricing. We stock independant manufacturers, as well as globally recognised brands for the aim of enhancing your kink and fetish lifestyle, and so you can actively enjoy the person that you want to be. For this reason, we stock thousands of products, as we recognise and understand that no two people are the same. To us, a range of products means that we can benefit more people with the larger selection of kink and fetish gear that we stock. Whether it’s for a naughty weekend, or you want to start a chaste lifestyle, or even want to explore your pet play fetishes. We do not shame or discriminate safe, sane and consensual kinks and fetishes and we stock thousands of products that service, or facilitate multiple kinks and fetishes regardless of your sexual orientation, gender, identity, race, or religion.