Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel
Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel
Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel
Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel

Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel

Hell's Couture, Oval Ball Stretcher offers adjustable ball weight for testicle stretching, perfect for CBT play and male genital stretching

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Product Description

Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel


This heavy-duty and hardcore performer is designed to push your limits and take your BDSM play to new heights. Made from premium steel metal, this ball stretcher ensures durability and reliability for intense sessions that won't let you down.


Embrace the world of CBT play and experience the thrilling sensations of testicle torture with this exceptional BDSM gear from Hells Couture. The oval design of the ball stretcher provides a secure fit, keeping your testicles in place while you indulge in your wildest fantasies.


The approximate measurements for this ball stretcher are as follows: thickness of 12mm and a range of internal diameters with corresponding weights:


  • 30mm: 210g - 220g
  • 33mm: 220g - 230g
  • 36mm: 230g - 240g
  • 39mm: 240g - 250g
  • 42mm: 250g - 260g
  • 45mm: 260g - 270g
  • 48mm: 270g - 280g
  • 51mm: 280g - 290g
  • 54mm: 290g


Experience the thrill of male genital stretching and indulge in the sensations of this adjustable ball weight. The Hells Couture Oval Ball Stretcher in Steel Metal is your gateway to a world of pleasure and pain, perfect for those who seek the ultimate sensations in their BDSM play.


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