Hinged Ball Stretching Weight 65mm High

Hell's Couture, Hinged Ball Stretching Weight 65mm High, Secured by a Single Screw this is an easy to use Testicle Weight for Stretching

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Product Description

Get your easy to use Hinged Ball Stretchers and start stretching today! Equipped with an easy open and close hinge this ball weight makes stretching even easier than before. An easy open hinge makes this ball stretcher a breeze to use! Just hold your sac away from the hinge when you close it, then lock it tight, and your good to go. The Hinged Ball Stretcher comes in a variety of size options, great for all day stretching or temporary sensation, ready to stack or use alone. See size specifications below. Made out of 316L Surgical Steel this piece offers you tons of enjoyment. It is a very loose hinge so that you can put it on very easily, then just close and only have one screw to deal with.

65mm High

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