The Chrome Crescent Double Ended Dildo

Steel Dildo, Double Ended, Curved Dildo,

Hell's Couture
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Experience pure G-Spot luxury with this boutique stainless steel toy. You don’t have to be a high roller to get your mitts on this work of art. Think of it as a long-term investment and let the Wand weave its magic! Made from gleaming medical-grade stainless steel, this is one sleek looking sweet-spot stimulator.

The elegant curve makes it perfect for hitting both P and G-spots. The beauty of this stainless steel Wand is that it can be heated up or cooled down, allowing you to experience different sensations. To heat up, simply submerge the Wand in a pan of hot water (please allow the Wand to cool down slightly before using it hot), or placing it in a pan of ice-cold water or even in the fridge. This is the ultimate present for those on a quest to find their sweet spot! Features


Approximate Measurements

Overall length: 210mm

Small tip width: 33mm

Large tip width: 43mm

Small shaft width: 23mm

Large shaft width: 29mm


* Please note this product is not a certified surgical steel grade product *


Hell’s Couture are one of the best-selling BDSM and fetish adult lifestyle manufactures worldwide. It is guaranteed that with Hell’s Couture sex toys you will be able to find something which will match your personal needs and desires. Their products are made with functional designs and long lasting material like genuine leather and body safe surgical steel. Their ranges include anal sex toys, chastity devices, urethral play, bondage gear and so much more.