Sex in the Shower Silicone Slapper

Sex in the Shower Silicone Slapper By Sportsheets is an affordable spanking option with a spiky side and a smooth side, Made Of 100% Silicone Materials

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Product Description

Sex in the Shower Silicone Slapper

Waterproof spanking at your fingertips.

Two sides for different sensations depending on your mood…

Ingredients: 100% Silicone

Includes: One 100% Silicone Slapper.  Handle length 3.75" width 1", Paddle length 8.25" width 1.75", Total length 12"

One side is smooth, one side ribbed for different sensations.
Give a gentle caress or masterfully placed slap.

To clean the Silicone Slapper simply wash off under hot water.
Then soap up your hands with antibacterial soap and give them a good clean under hot water.
It’s best to avoid using scrubbing tools or brushes as this can scratch the surfaces and damage the toy.
Allow the toy to air dry then pack away for later use. Placing toys next to each other can lead to damage of the toy so it’s best to place each toy into an individual zip lock bag before packing away. This will keep them clean and fresh for your next play session.

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