Rosebuds Whipbud

Rosebuds Whipbud is a best whip with attached butt plug made of stainless steel 303 and bronze BR10, leather whip is made of lashes

Lingerie Size
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Product Description

Rosebuds Whipbud

An uncommon whip.
With its long leather whip-lashes, it whips, caresses and goes into your most intimate parts, bringing unequalled sensual enjoyment.....

Metal Stainless steel 303
Bronze BR10

Leather whip-lashes


Medium sizing
Width 22,83inch - ø1,18inch - 7.97oz
Penetrating 2,40inch - ø1,18inch


Extra Large Sizing 
Width 24,02inch - ø1,57inch - 17oz
Penetrating 3,31inch - ø1,57inch

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