Coco de Mer Brown Leather Paddle

Coco de Mer Two-Textured Thick Leather Paddle

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Product Description

Coco de Mer Brown Leather Paddle

Satisfy deviant desires and explore erotic dreams with the Coco de Mer leather spanking paddle. Crafted using the finest leather and twin textured for versatility, this paddle delivers a range of thrilling sensations, from soothing strokes to spine-tingling slaps.

Flexible and broad for widespread sensation, discover the sensual benefits of this dual-sided spanker. With soft suede on one side and smooth leather on the other, deliver muffled spanks, delicate strokes and satisfying thwacks for rosy bottoms.

Beautifully packaged in our branded drawstring bag, this sensual spanking tool makes the perfect present for a very special lover. Includes care instructions.

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