Scandal Split Tip Crop

Scandal Split Tip Crop By California Exotics Is A Sturdy BDSM Crop Made With Designer Faux Leather That Is Wickedly Thrilling For Sensory Play

California Exotics
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SCANDALOUS SENSORY PLAY: Forward fetishists, indulge in your every sensory play fantasy with the Scandal Split Tip Crop, a robust crop with a enticing faux leather split tip that dances the line between pain and pleasure for tantalizing bondage play.

WICKEDLY THRILLING CROP: Then dive deep into your next thrilling fantasy with the breathtaking embrace of the naughty crop; Leave yourself at the mercy of your lover’s erotic whims and embrace sensational submission with each tap of the intense split crop.

STURDY SHAFT: Explore your dominant role by intensifying sensation with each stinging slap of this durable crop or send shivers down your submissive with a gentle caress of the flexible shaft on their most sensitive sweet spots.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The leather like tip of our elegant riding crop is made from soft PU with a shaft of PVC plastic and zinc alloy hardware; Each crop measures 18” (45.75 cm) and is covered in a bold red and black brocade patterned polyester.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Use this delightful crop with care and regularly spray shaft and leather like crop tip with CalExotic’s Universal Antibacterial Toy Spray, taking care to not soak the crop.


One of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world is California Exotics. They have been producing adult products since the mid-nineties with a particular focus on women and couples. Calexotics has continually been on the forefront of innovation and research and development and are continually striving to push the boundaries of pleasure and sex. Cal Exotics was formed at a time where the adult industry was dominated by men and their focus has always been women and couple friendly pleasure objects. Calexotic toys are created with quality and pleasure in mind.