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BDSM Love Swings, Restraints, and Leads at BDSM Australia Leading resource on Bondage Gear AND Bondage Equipment Australia. bdsmaustralia.com.au will give you information on all things bondage and make available the best bondage products online at best prices. (read more) What's your pleasure? What are your deepest and darkest fantasies? How about a little BDSM? BDSM, an acronym meaning bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism, can be very stimulating to your senses and that of your partner. The anticipation and exhilaration of not knowing what will come next. Being new to this, your first time can not only be pleasurable but memorable. There are a variety of BDSM playthings out there Australia, three products that are lots of role playing fun are love swings, restraints, and leads.
There are a full array of restraints on the market such as leather arm restraints, leather mittens, and a restraint belt with metal clasps to attach other of your toys. The restraint belt is useful for both the Dom and the submissive, with attachment points on the sides and middle. A locking system keeps your partner restrained from moving about. For the ultimate in sensory deprivation, try the medical restraint hood. The hood is made of soft garment leather and 1 inch thick padding covering the eyes, ears and mouth. The straps are made of tan bridle leather. Tighten the collar, lock the buckles, and chin straps for total embodiment. The collar fits a neck size of up to 17 inches. Along with the medical restraint hood another must for the bondage enthusiast is the 3 way hogtie clip. 3 clips attach to a D ring, this restraint is made of high quality black leather. The 4 way hogtie clip consists of 4 clips attached to an O ring and four leather straps.
Complete this with a set of fleece lined leather wrist and ankle cuffs, with O ring attachments. Don't forget the little black rubber straight jacket made of .90 gauge rubber, a heavy duty metal zipper for ease of closure and prevention from injury. Front buckle for securing the arms and straps on the bottom for securing the legs. The jacket comes in various sizings for BDSM Australia.
Now isn't that the must have for your closet, the little black straightjacket to complete anyone's wardrobe on a cold and rainy night. Stainless steel shackles complete the look for the ultimate restraint for some kinky good times. For a hidden plaything, try the under the bed restraint system and turn any bedroom into a den of pleasure. The restraint straps quickly fit under the mattress or frame free from hooks. Perfect for restraining your partner's arms and legs. Portable and travel-sized, comes with 4 cuffs and restraint straps. For the mummification enthusiast, try vet wrap in various colors. Vet wrap is a stretchy porous material you can wrap around your head, wrists, and your entire body. For that mummification fetish, vet wrap will fill this need. The vet wrap comes in a variety of colors, it won't stick to your hair. You can wrap wrists or your entire body in the porous gauze.
Vet wrap is hypoallergenic and won't stick to your hair. Comes in roles of 4 and 5 yards long. For some totally insane fun, try the fully padded leather restraints, the wrist cuffs are 11.5 inches long and 3 inches wide, the ankle cuffs are 14.5 inches long and 3 inches long. Pair that with a leather hospital collar. The collar is 20 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width. The collar fits necks from 15 inches to 21 inches, made of white and beige padded leather, and comes with a locking padlock. An O ring is attached for a leash.
A hospital restraint set consists of leather cuffs 3 inches wide and 12/14 inches in length. The patient has no movement once in the restraints. These restraints work well on a folding table, cot, or single sized beds. The kit comes with wrist, ankle, chest and thigh restraints. This setup is perfect for restraining your partner, playing doctor, tickling and teasing them for hours. The ultimate sex slave in the asylum. Another group of products are love or sex swings. They are relatively simple to use. Most of these products consist of acrylic tubes and heavy duty nylon swings that are attached to a closed door. The door sex swing is very simple and can be transported in your purse. Acrylic tubes are draped over the door. After closing the door, the leg straps are lowered to allow your partner to slide their thighs through the lower loops while their back is to the door. They slide their arms through the upper loops after their thighs are in. They can hold on to the handles while the straps are adjusted. This is one toy for the sex deprived, once you strap the sub to the door, they rock back and forth, enabling better clitoral and G-spot stimulation by the Dom. To add to the experience, blind your partner with a black fleeced lined blindfold. The blindfold is leather and fleece lined for comfort. It is a one size fits all. Once on the face, there is no peeking, just blackness.
The smell from the leather is considered erotic. Another product is a sex swing that consists of a seat, foot stirrups, and easy grip handles. The love swing is made of heavy duty nylon and adjustable buckles. It fits over almost any door using anchors at the top, adjustable buckles and extra wide straps. The easy grip handles allow you to position your partner and holds up to 300 pounds. Some of the simpler sex swings are made of cuffs and straps that stretch. The head rest and restraints are easily worn and comfortable. This swing aids in the missionary position, G-spot stimulation, and oral sex. One of the swings comes with a stand made of heavy duty steel. This stand enables the swing to be setup without a door, wall, floor or ceiling. The maximum weight limit is 400 lbs. The unit is easily detachable and can be set up anywhere in a room. As the unit includes rings to attach the sling, you can strap your partner in and rock the baby!
Now, you can't forget the leads. Leads and leashes are for your sex toys to keep them trained well to follow you when and where ever you wish. Most are made of leather and come in various lengths; 2-1/2 feet long and 4 feet. They look nice along with a leather collar. Some consist of chains with snap rings for connects and disconnects, the length, 3 feet. These aid in complete submission. That is a nice kitty Australian Bondage..