Sutra Chainlink Cuffs

Sutra Chainlink Cuffs By Lelo is a stylish piece of bondage gear. These love cuffs are made from the finest materials like 100% pure silk, suede and metal

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Product Description

Bondage and fetish toys are seeing a surge in popularity even amongst the most mainstream sexual partners. Sometimes it’s more about the fantasy than about the actual bondage. A little fantasy play in a relationship may help keep the two of you together when the sex gets boring. Perhaps you aren’t ready for the whole package of BDSM experiences, and if you aren’t there is a good first step that you can take. LELO’s sex toys in the bondage and fetish category include the Sutra Chainlink Cuffs.


This attractive set of cuffs are made from 100% pure silk and suede and feel ultimately comfortable against bare flesh. They are linked together with real metal chains that keep your hands securely fastened together. It’s the sense of control that will thrill one of you and the sense of submission that will thrill the other. They serve the functional purpose of restraint and still look elegant.


Materials: Pure Silk with LELO jacquard / Suede Leather (Sheep) / Coated Metal Chain (nickel-free)

Individual Cuffs: 15cm*7.2cm

Length of Chain & Ribbon: 18.5cm


Available; black   purple  red

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