Pornhub 8 Point Underbed Kit Black

Restraints and Ties, Hand Cuffs, Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, BDSM Play Sex Toys, Bondage Accessories, Underbed Kit, Pornhub

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Pornhub 8 Point Underbed Kit Black

If you've ever fantasised about having your own bondage chamber, then this 8 Point Underbed Kit contains all the right ingredients to allow you to bring that fantasy to life. Within the kit, you'll find a fully adjustable strapping restraint system to keep your partner right where you want them. You can choose multiple positions when using this kit, as the detachable hand and ankle cuffs with dog cuffs can be moved around to your liking. The orange stitching and gunmetal details of the kit add to the overall kinky look. This fits on most bed sizes up to a king size.


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