Adam and Eve's Hog Tie

Adam and Eve Vegan Leather Hogtie

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Product Description

Adam and Eve's Hog Tie

Lookin' to add a little Wild West kink to your next bedroom rodeo? The Hog Tie Kit lets you rope your lover and hold 'em in place for whatever sexy moves you have in mind! And they'll be sittin' pretty in total comfort - thanks to fully adjustable, faux fur-lined ankle and wrist cuffs. The Hog Tie Kit ensures all four limbs are safely held in place. And those metal buckles and rivets give you naughty bondage styling, too!
- Hog Tie Kit for kinky role play 
- Tie ankles and wrists together at the same time
- Self releasable faux fur lined cuffs are safe and comfortable 
- 2 adjustable hand cuffs 
- 2 adjustable leg cuffs 
- 1 hog tie. 
- Made of flexible vegan leather, soft faux fur and metal.


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