Scandal Pony Play Kit

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California Exotics
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Remarkable thrills await with this product, designed to knock-knock-knock at your back door. The peak of sensual anal pleasure is all yours.

For the ultimate in satisfaction, this kit comes with multiple toys to choose from. Go ahead and choose the experience you crave.

Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.


53" / 134.5cm (Gag)

2.75" / 7cm (Probe)

31" / 78.75cm (Reins)

21" / 53.25cm (Tail)



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Every product produced passes stringent US quality standards and regulation ensuring that the sex toys are safe to the body and for use. Shop with confidence with this trusted manufacturer and experience the joy that some of their brands including Adonis, First Time, Post, Jack Rabbit, Tantric, Booty Call, Joel Kaplan, Embrace, Silhouette will give.