Ouch Body Bondage Tape Black

Ouch Body Bondage Tape Black By Shots Toys gives you and your partner a quick and fun alternative to traditional ropes.

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When you love bondage and dominating your partner, the Ouch! Body Bondage Tape is a must-have. With a length of 20 m / 787 inches and a width of 30 cm / 11.8 inches, you can wrap every part of the body very easily. The tape is non-stick and meant for naughty pleasure. Perfect for beginning and more advanced bondage players! Notice: If you wrap someone's face, make sure this person is still able to breathe.

- non sticky tape!
- Total length of 20 meter
- Available in Pink and Black

Dimensions: 4.06" x 11.81" x 2.56"



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