Rear Locking Armbinder Sheath


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This one from our team at BDStyle Leather is one of our favourites. Designed to keep your subs arms out of the way - leaving you free access to their entire body. Not only that, unless they have a great balance, you can rest assured that they're not going to be escaping in a hurry either, especially if they're on their knees. 

The Locking Armbinder Sheath is a great bondage product made from Faux Leather, and it's one that's certainly going to keep your subs hands behind their back. Adjustable straps results in this piece being a one size fits most bondage gear.


For those with a bit twisted with kink the BDStyle allows you to explore all your fetish fantasies. With authentic adult lifestyle products that will take you to the edge the range will simply amaze the bondage enthusiast and perhaps shock those vanilla’s out there. There is something to suit everyone and enhance those erotic and role playing moments whether it be in leather, pvc or steel.