Bondage Booties Faux Leather

BDStyle, Bondage Booties Faux Leather with Adjustable Straps and Zip Ups

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Foot fetishists delight! You don't need to have a foot fetish to enjoy these Foot Bondage Booties, though.


These faux leather booties are both equipped with a side zipper for quick bondages that mean more foot bondage playtime, less waiting for the action to start. Once zipped, two buckling straps can be buckled tightly to give a tight bondage feel that flexes your foot slave's toes toward the heel and give an even more secure fit.


Color: Black
Material: Faux Leather

Small Length: 40-42cm

Medium Length: 42-44cm

Large Length: 45-47cm


There is always room for a bit more excitement in our everyday lives and BDStyle Fetish Wear provides us with some real adult lifestyle products that will take us to the edge. Whether you are into hardcore Bondage or just a little bit of vanilla role playing there is something in their range to suit everybody. Paddles, hoods even pasties to make that erotic moment even more sizzling.