BDSM stuff Wrist and Ankle Hog Tie Black Set

Manage Me, Supple Leather, Foam Padded , Leather Hog Tie, D-Rings Ankle 28cm Wrist 25cm

Hell's Couture
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The new hot items for the bedroom are bondagestuff! Quality BDSM sets are hard to come by, but this red and black leather set takes the cake. With two ankle restraints, wrist restraints and a leather X cross for hogties. This set is versatile, comfortable and can be arranged in any configuration you like with the addition of a few chains! So whats holding you up from tying up your partner with love and affection. . .


Available in Black


This is a stylish and comfortable hog tie set for beginner and experienced bondage players alike. Soft and comfortable this is one set that won't slip through your fingers.


Underneath a beautiful red sunset you not only be tied up in tuscany, you can be tuscantied with great bondage stuff. 5 piece red leather set which includes 2 wrist restraints, 2 ankle cuffs, and a X piece so that you can hogtie your playmate. If hogtieing isn't your thing, then attach a couple of clips and chains and create whatever configuration you'd like to create. The choices are yours and limitless. It'll be an absolute creation with the soft genuine black leather with red edges. Not only will it look great, but it'll feel great as well.


When you're talking about bondage This is the place to be. You know the place, the place where we feel in charge, in control. What better way to bring the castle with you wherever you go than with this ankle and wrist restraint set. It's remarkably simple to attach and if you choose to - you can attach the X cross for to make it into a hogtie set. Alternatively, you can attach whatever chains to the pieces you like to make differents sets of restraints.


This cool set is for those that like a splash of colour within their bondage play. Soft and comfortable genuine leather for safe play. The D-links on these restraints allow complete versatility.


Hells Couture Leather is guaranteed to be quality genuine leather which is handcrafted to make these wonderful items for you. When you are after the best that money can buy at a realistic price always choose Hells Couture.