Fetish Fantasy Series Spread Eagle Sling

Sex Swing, Restraint, Love Swing, Bondage Accessories, Spread Eagle Sling

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Get the perfect angle every time with the spread-eagle sling. let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits with a little help from this simple position aid. sturdy nylon straps comfortably hold your legs in place so they won't tire when the action heats up, allowing you to get closer and deeper than ever before. the neck strap is padded for extra comfort, and the the nylon straps easily adjust to fit most sizes. enjoy new positions you never thought were possible with ease and comfort.



The Fetish Fantasy Sex Toys are for both men and women and equally can be purchased by the dominant or submissive. The Fetish Fantasy Series offers a diverse range of adult toys for different levels of ability and inundation into the universe of play BDSM, from brilliant pink ball muffles and pink cowhide wrist sleeves to exotic enchantment packs and electrosex treatment toys. With this particular scope of play toys for sexual joy, you can gradually guide yourself into fetish play or you can make a plunge deep into the abyss or extreme bondage.


The Fetish Fantasy Series was made to deliver longing, fulfillment and unadulterated rapture significant for both lovers with regards to a solid relationship. Whether you want to achieve enslavement or adoration these toys will assist you to play safe and enhance your relationships. Turn your love play up one notch and realize your Fetish Fantasy.