Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood

BDStyle, Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood, with Reinforced Breathing Holes

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$19.90 AUD

Product Description

Stretchy and comfy to wear the Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood is a great bdsm accessory that give you options.  Spandex is a great starting material for those just getting into BDSM play.  Eyelets to ensure plenty of oxygen is recieved whilst wearing it.


There is always room for a bit more excitement in our everyday lives and BDStyle Fetish Wear provides us with some real adult lifestyle products that will take us to the edge. Whether you are into hardcore Bondage or just a little bit of vanilla role playing there is something in their range to suit everybody. Paddles, hoods even pasties to make that erotic moment even more sizzling.

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