Fetish Supplies Leather Bondage Hood

Hell's Couture, Fetish Supplies Leather Bondage Hood, Open Mouth Leather hood with removable blind fold the only mask you'll need for play and the scene

Hell's Couture
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Extreme Fetish Supplies this fantastic leather hood with detachable eye mask to include sensory deprivation.  Depriving a sub of sight heighten emotions and feelings for kinky bondage fun.  Make this an essential part of your fetish supplies and collections that will be treasured for years to come.  Hand designed and made ensuring only the best for you or your sub.


Hell's Couture has the greatest range of fetish gear in the adult industry. High quality, and affordable leather and steel bondage gear is often difficult to find and that’s where Hell’s Couture comes in. An expansive range of kink toys for every fetish imaginable, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to choose Hell's Couture